All things valentines

Self-love is the new #relationshipgoals  


Let me just say, I use to just love Valentine’s Day. I mean growing up, Valentine’s Day party’s, flowers, chocolates and candies.... what’s not to love, right? 

It really wasn’t until after my divorce that I literally got sick to my stomach when I would see February 14th coming up on my calendar. In fact, the first year after I got divorced I remember my sweet daddy sending me flowers to my office and I had to go to the bathroom and catch my breath from an ugly cry I had going on.  (I love you, dad)

Being single and heartbroken made Valentine’s Day STING. I dreaded it so badly. It wasn’t until years later that I completely changed my outlook on this day. I had SO much love to give and so many people who truly LOVED me. I started to focus on how much Jesus had to sacrifice for his children and how we are called to do just that, LOVE. So who was I hurting by allowing a random holiday to make me miserable? Myself.  

I was allowing the darkness to bury me so deeply that His light couldn’t even have a chance to shine if it wanted to!  

I made a huge paradigm shift and change in perspective that led to a self love like never before. I started praying in a new way; prayers that were so detailed, raw, and real that brought me to my knees with tears in my eyes. Learning to love Brittany again was the bravest and hardest thing I could have done. But placing my hope in Him and His perfect plan and LOVE for me... was ENOUGH.  

So to all my single friends reading this, make this day about people you love. People who bring so much JOY to your life. People who have helped you through your darkest days. Do not allow a valentines day title to shut out Gods love that he has in your heart. Use this day as another day to simply SHINE brighter.  

Start talking to yourself like you would someone you love, because YOU are worthy. You are worth far more than rubies and pearls! (proverbs 31:10)  

Do not you allow the enemy to steal your joy any longer. No more self pity friends. We are conquerers in Christ!  

All my love, 


brittany york