The joys of singleness

Seasons of loneliness are often God’s way of speaking something into your heart that you need complete silence to hear.


I am getting married next month. It seems crazy for me to even type those words out. I was single a little over four years after my divorce. God knew He had to heal my heart before anyone else could try to love me. He knew I had a lot of work to do. I knew during the time of waiting for my story to unfold that He was at work and that he was going to work everything out for my good. He promises that many times in the Bible, that he never leaves our side. And he never did. In fact, my desire to know Him more grew each day.

Let me start by saying that once I learned to be a alone, I loved it. Almost too much. I had to learn to love myself again and it felt dang good not to have to worry about anyone else coming in and breaking down my walls.  Heres the truth though. That didn’t happen right away. Heartache is real. Depression is real. I owe the fact that I am still living to my faith. I am very open about my faith and my love for Jesus. Im sorry, but how could I not be rejoicing Him, when he carried me out of the pit of Hell. I have literally felt the peace He sends us. I will share that as long as I have air in my lungs to do so.

When I talk to women who are single, I try hard to remind them of what a blessing being single can be. They are in such an amazing part of their journey. It’s how we approach and embrace it. Being single, allowed me to rely ONLY on Gods strength to get me through. I learned that I am loved and adored and chosen. I am a daughter of God. I had also known what it like to not be obedient in my walk with Christ, and I have felt the destruction firsthand. For that reason, I will always try to seek Him first and rely on Him more than myself.

I often look back and think how badly I wish I could speak into the mind of my 23 year old self. But, then I remind myself how I wouldn’t change a second to get to this moment of my life. I am free in Christ. The wilderness is a beautiful place to be, once we learn to embrace it. A lot changes when our perception changes. When tragedy hits, it has helped me tremendously to look within and ask God, “Okay, what do you want me to learn from this situation?”

I have enjoyed this learning period of my life. God knew that he had to break me down. God loves to make the broken beautiful. Broken people reveal the beauty and power of God. Brokenness was actually what brought wholeness back into my life. Here’s something else to ponder; without suffering, we can’t know his comfort. 

So, its my last full month of my single life. You may be in a totally different part of your journey. We will all be in the wilderness at some point in our lives. My challenge to you today, is find a way to use it to fall more in love with God than ever before. He made us and He will carry us through. Cling to his truth and his promises and enjoy the moment. You can’t be in the wilderness forever.

Shine your light friends!


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