Fresh air

You’re worthy. You’re enough. You’re loved.  


You never really realize just how unhealthy a relationship is until you breathe fresher air.

Most of us don’t even realize the severity until we look back with a healthy mind. 🤯

I remember after finishing up my therapy sessions.. thinking, ‘alright time to start living, and enjoying life’ ... little did I know the work I would have to put in everyday. The work I STILL put in everyday.

Don’t let fear keep you from walking away from something that isn’t healthy for you. Don’t let fear tell you that you can’t make it alone.

God has a plan in place for you, and it may require you to step out of the realm of your comfort zone. You may be uncomfortable. You may be scared. You may not feel that you are ready, but you will be when it’s time.

Fear is nothing. Fear is a mirage. It’s a temporary emotion based on a temporary situation. A tool that the enemy uses to keep us stagnant. Fear is a natural response to the unknown, but you can’t allow fear to control your life.

I’m here to tell you that you are capable of finding your light again. Life is out there waiting for you to break away from the fear that’s keeping you in your comfort zone.

brittany york