Time to punch fear in the face.


If you would have told me two years ago that I would be writing a blog right now, I would have laughed and thought you were crazy. I used to completely be controlled by fear. And let me tell you, fear is paralyzing. I am a planner. I always knew I would be married by 23, first kid by 26, and the second by age 28. Boy, has God humbled me in a MIGHTY way. Instead I am 29, divorced, not married, and no kids. I remember so clearly the day I said my vows in front of 300 plus people and committed my life to the person I thought I would never live without. Let me tell you, I wish divorce and that kind of pain on NO ONE. 

However, here I am. Stronger in my faith than ever before and can truly tell you that I would suffer all the pain again without a second thought, because that moment when I was on my knees begging God for strength to make it through just one more day, when He was all I had, I became the strongest I had ever been. 

I will continue with more of my testimony with each blog post. But, I will never be able to express to you enough that Romans 8:28 helped change my life. It gave me HOPE. And lets face it, we live in a world today that is starving for any type of hope they can cling onto. This verse tells us that God uses everything for the good of those who love him. 

I didn't understand the reason for my hurt and suffering, all I knew was that I laid in bed at night begging, crying out, holding onto my pillow, calling out to God, asking him, "Please Lord, just USE this pain. Use this pain that I am feeling to bless others. Use this pain as a platform to give people the hope they need. Whatever it takes and no matter how badly it hurts, just use this pain to bring glory to you."

So, here i am. On a journey to be BRAVE in 2018, starting with a blog and praying to see how God uses it to bring Him the light. 

I end this post by telling you, no matter what it is that you may be going through right now in your journey, know that if you are reading this, I have already prayed for you. I have prayed that God will speak to you and that this blog can and will somehow bless your life. 

So hang on friends, 2018 is going to be an exciting ride. 



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