The Light In The Dark.

The Light In The Dark. By Eli G.

The first time I saw this video, I immediately related to it. I feel like each of us can. We will all lose something we love in this lifetime. Most therapists will go as far as comparing divorce to death and I do not disagree with this statement. I had to mourn my divorce like a death. You may not relate to a divorce (I hope you don't) but I know that in some ways every single person can relate to this video. Whether it be a marriage, a relationship, a lost family member, or any other relevant and significant phase of life.

I've mentioned in some of my earlier posts about the amount of time it took to actually be able to 'love Brittany' again. It took years. This video reminds us that losing someone means having to say goodbye twice. Once to a person that might have played a role in your story, once to the person you use to be. It also reminds us that a new "hello" can be such an amazing introduction.

That, my friends, leaves me in chills because it is beyond true for me and my journey. Learning to love my journey, every part of it, has been such a beautiful ride and I wouldn't trade it for any amount of pain. Even when I had to fake the smiles to make it through another day, I am thankful to know the "why"  behind my gratitude. In loss there is always something to be found. Remember the light doesn't disappear and that darkness actually helps others to love you and pray for you in a way you never knew before. 

On this Monday I challenge you to simply understand that power of darkness and the influence it will have on helping to shape a new, stronger, better version of you.  It is through this darkness that a new introduction is coming. We can get excited to see what is ahead, embrace it, and just know that God has the best intentions for us. He keeps his promises. Whatever journey and path you might be walking, this is not the end. This might be the crippling beginning, the messy middle, or the beautiful ending. My advice is simply to embrace it all. 

You. Are. Loved.

Shine that light.




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