Be You. Loudly.

Your opinion of yourself is what matters. Anyone else’s opinion of you belongs to them.
— April Green

Alright, so let me cut right to the chase on this one. If you have to convince someone to like or understand you, chances are they aren't worthy of you in the first place. I wish so badly that I could recoup the time and energy that I've put into trying to figure out why people didn't like me. I lived so much of my high school and early twenties trying to please others that for most of the those years I lost Brittany. 

When a person is mean or disrespectful to you, they are dealing with a lot bigger issues than just you. I never understood it. For example, I could buy them a car, give them a million dollars, cook them dinner for an entire year and it still wouldn't matter. It really wasn't until I started working on myself that I realized... it had NOTHING to do with me. 

If people are not in your corner cheering for you through success or offering a shoulder to cry on during hard times, chances are those are not your people. The environment you surround yourself with in life is crucial for your happiness, health and success. It is impossible to reach your goals when toxic people surround you. Remember this, how someone treats another person is a true reflection of how they feel about themselves!

Insecurity, jealousy, bitterness, and stress. All of these things bring out the worst in people. I once heard someone say that a healthy mind doesn't speak ill of others. How true!? I fell victim to the lies that the enemy tried to feed me and it wasn't until I felt secure with who I was in Christ that things began to change.

It is still hard not to play the comparison game when all that we see on social media is the highlight reel of our friends and acquaintances lives. We as women are judged for everything, its exhausting. So, why not try to cheer each other on? Be each others loudest cheerleader and know we are all in this crazy journey together. Women are stronger together, plain and simple. If someone isn't on your same wave length, wanting to grow and better themselves, do some major evaluating and praying to see if it might be healthy to part ways. You are worthy of your best self. You are worthy of every desire in your heart... and nobody else should affect your acknowledgment of that. 

So come on ladies, let us be a light for each other! 



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