Perspective: a particular attitude toward or way of reguarding something; a point of view. 


Keeping things in perspective allows me to ensure that I am in check. That said, I would like to be vulnerable for a few minutes to help describe what I mean.

Take today for example... as soon as I got to work, I checked my emails and looked at my schedule to plan for the week ahead.  I admittedly allowed myself to feel overwhelmed. I took my eyes off Christ and turned all focus onto what felt most important in that moment. I decided to cancel lunch plans with a close friend and put my head down to dive into work (ps: you should always make time for the people you love.). Add to the scenario that it's a cold, miserable rainy Monday and on top of it all I’m fighting a chest cold. There will always be something else to complain about. 

It was then that I realized ‘wow, Brittany.. how selfish can you possibly be?’ For example, one of my closest childhood friends lost her dad last week, and I’m heading to the funeral home this evening. My heart literally crushes at the thought of the pain she's dealing with. I have so much to be thankful for, so much to be grateful for. The small stresses of my Monday suddenly didn't seem so stressful. I took a deep breath and called out to God, ‘less of me, more of you!’ Right after I wiped the tear running down my cheek.

Friends, let me remind you that putting things in ‘perspective’ is a game changer. Take time to pause, take a breath, and look at the bigger picture. Things could always be worse. I acknowledge that I need to do this more often than I would like to admit. 

I am high strung. I was born that way. I have a super hard time relaxing. When I want things done, I want them done then, on my time. Perspective helps me. I am constantly thinking about Psalm 46:10 that says, "Be still and know that I am God!"

Today I challenge you. When you begin to feel yourself being over taken by anxiety try to find your focus point. Take that breath. Bring Christ back into the picture and you'll see things from a much clearer perspective.

I pray that whoever is reading this will take time in the midst of their crazy life to breath and be still. I pray they will find rest in knowing God and that they can keep things in prospective when calling out for help. In Jesus’s name I Pray.

Keep shining friends, even when it’s a struggle. There’s always something to be thankful for.



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