Don’t give up hope

One of my many visions for B'THELIGHT is that I want for it to be a place for everyone. A place where everyone can come to find community, to find safety, to find strength. I know that many of my readers might not come from abusive relationships (thank God for that). We all have our own hardships and experiences to to learn from. B'THELIGHT is meant to become a platform for each of us to share, to learn, to grow, and to love. 

Today's post is not my own. It is a story that deals with infertility and is written by one of my oldest childhood friends who struggled for nearly five years to become pregnant. It is powerful and beautiful. Many of my friends and I have spent countless hours praying for her, crying with her, and grieving with her. I will never forget the day I got the call saying that she was in fact pregnant. As the tears ran down my checks, all I could think about were the words, ‘for this child, I have prayed!’  

Below are HER words that she so willingly allowed me to share. I am so excited to see how God uses her to bless His kingdom and I couldn’t be MORE grateful to be a small part in her beautiful journey towards motherhood. I love you, sweet friend! Keep shining His light! 



‘’The past five years have been difficult. In the last two years I began to lose faith. I doubted Jesus and his Promise. I wanted more than anything to be a mother. After laparoscopic surgery, two failed rounds of IVF, I doubted Jesus. Two doctors told me I would never have my own child. Our only option at this point was egg donor or adoption. Not that we were opposed to these options; but my heart was hurt. It’s hard to wait for something you know might not happen. But it’s harder to give up when you know it’s everything you wanted. Selfishly; I wanted my own child! But guess what I learned? Doctors don’t know everything. God knows all!! I am so grateful I finally get the chance to experience something I’ve dreamed of for so long. I am so humble that Kevin and I get to be parents and raise a child of our own. I will never take these next days, months, years for granted.

I never wanted pity or anyone to feel sorry for what I was going through. I did however want to be a voice for others who were on this journey, or a helping hand for those beginning this journey. The process of dealing with infertility is much like dealing with grief. You go through denial and isolation and start to think life is meaningless, and why me, you push others away and isolate yourself. You get angry; crying, screaming. You make bargains with God. You go through depression; because you feel there’s a loss of hope. Then acceptance (this step may take time to reach) to keep moving forward acknowledging the existing condition.

I ask that if you know someone struggling with infertility that you pray for them and support them and love them. It’s a tough ride to go through.’’

There you have it, friends!! To God be the Glory! What a beautiful story filled with so much HOPE and LIGHT! 

Keep shinning out there!  



brittany york