Lyrics that stop you in your tracks

Don’t waste your time trying to get people to love you, spend time with those who already do. 

My mom sent me this song today. I listened and couldn’t control the chills or the tears.  

What people don’t realize, especially myself, is that I've put the people who love me more than anything in this world through pure torture. Somehow, I put them into a position where they had to sit back and witness the situation I was in, feeling completely helpless. A toxic relationship is right up there with addiction. It's like a dark, blinding sickness. All we can do is to find and follow the light, knowing that it will help to guide us through to a better place.

Mom and Dad,  

I love you! I apologize for the pain I caused you. My love for you both grows deeper every day. Thank you for loving me when I was sick and couldn’t love myself. Thank you for being the shoulders to cry on, and the ears to listen. Not only was I suffering but I know you guys were right there with me. 

Lord, thank you for blessing me with my earthly parents.  (And amazing brother)

Friends- freedom is beautiful. I am worthy and so loved by my maker. And so are you.  

 ‘It was hard to hold on days and nights I thought I'd never make at all
Couldn't make it at all
Now I stand tall
Feeling like myself again, no worries at all
No one can stop me from livin’ this moment for me
I found my heartbeat
After all that I've been through
No, I don't think about you’

Dont lose hope, friends! 

Be the light!  




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