Your thoughts are powerful

'The moment you change your perception, is the moment you rewrite the chemistry of your body.' - Dr. Bruce Lipton


Change your mindset and change your life. It sounds so cliché, I know. It wasn't until I personally experienced depression and anxiety (which I still battle to this day) that I ever paid much attention to how my own thoughts impacted me.

Your thoughts determine you energy. Your energy determines you attitude. Your attitude determines you actions. Your actions determine your journey. If I focus on the negative things in my life, they manifest. This is also true for when when I focus on all things positive. I've learned that when I focus on the light, it shines.

For example, this week I was hit with an expenses that I really wasn't planning for. I didn't budget for this unexpected event and will be the first to admit that if felt a bit like being stung by a bee. But instead of dwelling on the negative, I focused  on the positive aspects of the situation. I am blessed in a million ways and after a bit of reflection, I was able to pray with a complete sense of thankfulness for all that God provides to me. Just by changing my mindset and focussing on the positives, I have been able to walk through life with a little more ‘joy’ than usual.

Another example is my parents. As you likely know, they are so special to me. And yet it has been hard for me to watch the the impact of time on their lives, having to deal with the things that life ultimately brings to all of us as we age. It wasn’t until I realized how absolutely blessed I am to still have my parents with me, to celebrate life with them on a daily basis, that I recognized how sweet this blessing is. Eventually, we will all be called home and I thank God for simply allowing me to enjoy the time I have with my parents by my side.

The list of things I've spent time worrying about is way too long to write about in a single blog post. My hope is that you simply take moment to recognize that whatever causes you stress, anxiety, bitterness, jealousy, or anger... YOU have the ability to change it.

You don’t like working out? Well, if you’re able move your body in any way, that alone is enough to be thankful for. You don’t like paying your monthly bills? Start being thankful for your ability to provide a roof over your head. You don’t like your car payment? Take a moment to express thanks for the simplicity of getting from point a to point b. I'm sure you're beginning to get where I am going with this. 

I remain a huge work in progress. Changing my perspective is something that I continue to work at on daily basis. Paying attention to the bigger picture and many of my life's blessings has helped me tremendously; not only with regards to my outlook on life, but also with depression and anxiety. Sometimes when I feel that there is a ‘dark cloud’ about to swallow me, I find it so helpful to grab a piece of paper and start a list of all that I’m grateful for. The light quickly reappears. I challenge you to try this the time you are feeling low. 

Friends, just know how truly LOVED you are and remember to shine your light bright!  





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