Beautiful reminder

 ‘The truth is: We are not the darkness of our past. And we are not defined by our mistakes, gender, or by any external thing. Rather, we are spirits created in the image of God, fashioned for intimacy with the One who gave us breath." - from the book ‘Adamant’

I can almost guarantee that every woman needs to hear this message again and again. Women, especially, are so hard on other women. The reality is... we are all children of God and His masterpiece. Our past does not define us. No matter how dark or hurtful past experiences might have been, never forget that the path ahead of us is guided by light. God won't lead us astray if we simply focus on the brightness in front of us.

I know what it’s like to not recognize your worth. I know what it’s like for a person to make you feel less than. Ladies, let’s STOP settling for less than we deserve. We need to continually raise our standards and stop looking towards worldly things to fulfill us. Our confidence and strength doesn't need to come from all the places our society says it should.

When I first met my boyfriend, Ben, he said to me, "Brittany, you truly are a daughter of God. I want to show you what it feels like to be loved like that." And he meant it! As blessed and thankful as I am to have heard those words, I finally believed them and agreed! After years of not fully grasping what it meant, after so many hours and hours of prayer and quiet time spent with God, I finally came to realize that I AM in fact a daughter of God. He created me in his own image and He doesn’t make mistakes! Most importantly, I am worthy of being loved the way God intends for us to be loved.

Ladies, let’s encourage and build each other up to see ourselves the way God sees us. When we do that, the world will see us as in this way too! 

I hope you enjoyed this small video as much as I did! What a beautiful reminder that we all need to hear!  

Keep shining your light!  




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