Faith thrives in discomfort

Fear is replacing faith with the what-ifs.


It is absolutely crazy for me to look back at the first blog that I ever posted. It is even more crazy to sit and reflect on this past year in general. I have been very open and transparent with my walk towards love and my journey to conquer fears. I would like to say that my commitment and passion for  prayer is one of the primary reasons I've managed to step out in faith, constantly putting my comfort zone to the test. 

Our victory on the battlefield of life is completely dependent upon our willingness to humble ourselves before God in fervent prayer. For example, I became what I would consider a ‘prayer warrior’ a few years ago. Please don’t misunderstand me, I have always prayed. That said, when it comes to deep, honest, and vulnerable prayer, I often felt as though I was falling short and just going through the motions. I knew something had to change. It wasn’t until I was truly tested that my prayers began to go another level deeper that caused significant impact. Trust me when I say that the more you seek Him the more you will hear Him. 

My world drastically changed this year. And the crazy part is that the big changes haven’t even started yet. In November I am getting married and moving to California to start a new life and beautiful journey with my future husband, a man that I have spent so many years fervently praying for. So many people  are in shock that I am willing to pick up my life in Kentucky and move away from my family and everything I know to California. I have never lived outside of Kentucky. 

But here’s my answer to those people. I have prayed for a man like Ben. Constantly. God delivered the man whom he designed for me. Why on earth would I doubt God and give up such a beautiful blessing because of fear.  

I believe that my prayers to help me grow beyond my comfort zone and overcome my fears we’re preparing me for this LONG before meeting Ben. Am I scared? I wouldn’t say scared. I would more say anxious and excited!! I have learned that when God leads us out of our comfort zones the magic happens. I have also learned all to well, that NOT listening when God speaks leads to distruction. I will choose to listen this time. I have no plans. I have no idea what God has in store for me on the west coast. But my daily prayer is that He will use me in any way possible to help grow His kingdom and that I will be obedient enough to listen.  

I choose to seek courage over fear. You have to believe and banish doubt. Doubt your doubts and believe your beliefs. The problem we have today is we do the exact opposite. We believe our doubts and doubt our beliefs.

Like I mentioned in my very first blog post, I’m ready to punch fear in the face. It’s time for my life to move into a new realm of possibility. Friends, thank you for joining me on this beautiful journey. Let’s keep those fervent prayers coming for the days ahead! 

Lord, I’m ready for you to use me. Help me with my doubts. Help me to step out in Faith and know that YOU are faithful. I know there will be trials and tests ahead, but I know that you will work everything out for the good.  


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