Not a land of comfort

Hebrews 11:8 says, “It was by faith Abraham obeyed God’s call to go to another place God promised to give him. He left his own country, not knowing where he was to go.”

When you live by faith, it involves going, often to places you were never planning to go.


“You can’t live out your promises of God if you’re not willing to move from where you are.” - Gregg Farrell, Pastor

I attend Crossland Community Church in Bowling Green, Kentucky and Pastor Gregg has become a huge part of my life these last five years. This past Sunday he delivered a message that lead me to tears, which I admit, isn’t hard for him I do. He hit on so many keys points for having faith while living out Gods promises for your life.  

As I said in my last blog post and so many others before, one of the primary ways that I’ve been able to conquer my fears is by fervent prayer and a whole lot of faith.  

It’s so important to remember as Christians that this is NOT a land of comfort. There will always be a challenge ahead. No matter how good things might be in this very moment, a new challenge is coming. Life isn’t always sunny. But that’s the beauty of Gods grace. 

I pray for the future of my life daily. My focus since May has been on my future marriage and building a new life together with Ben in California. I am already giving my fears and worries to God for the days ahead. On Sunday Pastor Gregg said, “Build an alter today that you’ll know will be there for the battle tomorrow.” So no matter the health and status of your life, your job, your marriage, your kids; or in my case moving across the country away from everything I’ve known... start praying fervently now to prepare for the challenges ahead. It’s never too late. God is always waiting to hear from you!

I jokingly made a comment to someone this past week who is facing fears of her own. I said, “You know, the devil loves when he can get us to use the words ‘what-if’! If he can get us to operate on our own thoughts and ideas, rather than seeking the wisdom that comes from God, he knows we will eventually get sucked into the world’s destructive way of thinking.” Let me remind you friends, fear is a liar, and it does NOT come from God. 

After church I sent Pastor Gregg a text message thanking him for the message and how deeply it touched my heart. His reply was something I will leave with everyone because no matter what it is that you are facing right now or in days ahead. Simply remember, “God has been preparing you for years for this journey. Go in faith with a willingness to fight for the life Christ has already won!”

Lets keep conquering fears together friends!! Keep shining your light for this world to see!  



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